The Force-Cast, a Christmas Compilation, and Remixes!

I wanted to take a moment to wish everybody a Happy Holiday and to post a couple of interesting bits of Christmas related news.

First off, I'm delighted to report that the good folks at Artist House Music included "The Millennium Falcon for Christmas" on their Artist House Music Community Christmas Compilation. The entire 22 track album is available as a free download right now! Download it here.

I'm honored to be included on such a wonderful compilation that features so many talented artists. I'm particularly fond of the songs by Dunham van Dunham, Freddy Litwiniuk, Josh Belville, Secretary feat. Big Boss, Tracy Newman and The Reinforcements, and Bev Barnett and Greg Newlon. The whole compilation is great and free! There is also a track called Space Zombie Christmas by Hector Zick Zack and Deathray.

The next bit of exciting news is that "The Millennium Falcon for Christmas" was featured on the most recent episode of The Force-Cast (an excellent Star Wars Podcast). Go here to download "A Galaxy of Music Vol.21 - 12 Days of Force-Cast Christmas!" On a related note, linked to the song as well, in this post here.

Finally, some of the great musicians over at ccMixter applied their talents to remixing "The Millennium Falcon for Christmas". Check out Scomber's funky, disco take on the song here, and radiotimes' wildly creative holiday music collage here.

Happy Holidays,


  1. Thanks Tia. I hope that you had an enjoyable holiday. My plan is to have a new song out on January 1st, one that I think you will really enjoy.

  2. Thats awsome! Congrats, u deserve it!