Link Love, 8/11/08

Here are some interesting links from the past week.

  • Fantasy/Sci-Fi Book Blogs
  • Music Blogs
    • Over at Fong Songs, Fongolia posted a great video of the Harvey Danger guys performing "Maybe I'm Amazed" with an impromptu acoustic guitar solo by one of my favorite musicians, Jon Brion.
  • Where Music and Fantasy/Sci-Fi Meet
    • Check out The Best Heavy Metal Songs Based on Fantasy Novels over at Suvudu
    • He's not a fantasy/sci-fi novelist, but I really enjoyed Jonathan Lethem's You Don't Love Me Yet. At Death + Taxes, he speaks about his new music/songwriting project with Silos frontman Walter Salas-Humara.
    • Here's another one from Fong Songs, and it is of particular interest to to fantasy/sci-fi fans. Fongolia posted a video of Amanda Palmer performing a hilarious jazz standard style song called I Google You. It was composed by none other than Neil Gaiman! I didn't realize that he even wrote songs, and this one is great.

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