Top Artist of the Week: Boys Like Girls

Have you ever found yourself getting swept up in a record that probably wasn't aimed at your age demographic? I'm 34, and I'm sure that the debut album from Boy Like Girls wasn't created with me in mind. This is a band that I would have never heard of if it weren't for a few of my younger guitar students who wanted to learn some of their songs.

I'm always a sucker for this sort of well produced, energetic, emo-pop. That being said, there are a few attributes that I find to be quite compelling and that lift this record above the average genre release. Even though the tempos are up and the choruses are catchy, there is a surprising sense of melancholy that pervades these songs.

The lyrics cover well-trodden themes, albeit with greater depth and a more well defined sense of craft and internal rhyme. When you combine this with a nice use of counter-melody in the vocals, tight guitar arrangements, and a subtle use of electronic sequencing, you are left with a thoroughly enjoyable listening experience.

What was the last album that ignited your imagination that was probably aimed at a different age group?

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