Rachel Rosen: Lyrics

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John Anealio - Sci-Fi Songs

Rachel Rosen
by John Anealio

My name is Rick Deckard, I'm in my hover car
I'm a bounty hunter for the city
There's six androids free, and it's left to me tonight

They're the Nexus 6 and they get their kicks
From singing opera and killing humans
She's got short dark hair and an icy stare, alright

Is Rachel Rosen really an android
Can Rachel Rosen really be alive
Is Rachel Rosen really an android
Can Rachel Rosen really be alive

I give the Voigt-Kampff test to bounty hunter Phil Resch
cause he fears that he might be an android
He's got a laser tube and a bad attitude, tonight

I book a hotel room, I hope she gets here soon
I've got three androids to retire
We share an android kiss at the St. Francis tonight

Here are some of the tools that I used to record the track:
  1. Martin Acoustic Guitar in DADGAD tuning
  2. Les Paul Studio Electric Guitar
  3. Washburn Bass Guitar
  4. Rode NT-3 microphone (to record the acoustic guitar and my vocals)
  5. Apple Logic Pro 7 recording software
    1. The ES2 software synth for the synthesizer solo
    2. Logic's included compressor, delay, and reverb plug-ins
    3. The electric guitar parts were recorded through Logic's Guitar Amp Pro plug-in
    4. The drum parts were created using Beta Monkey's Drum Werks V loop collection

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