"A work of Coulton-ic genius. A thing of beauty." -Ken Denmead, Wired Magazine's GeekDad

"I am blown away." -Gregory Frost, author of Shadowbridge and Lord Tophet

"A nuanced and beautiful piece of music." -Kay Kenyon, author of Bright of the Sky

My name is John Anealio. In the summer of 2008, I launched the Sci-Fi Songs Blog as a way to combine my passion for music with my love of Science Fiction. Since that time, I've written, recorded, and released over 30 songs that were inspired by various Sci-Fi & Fantasy novels/movies/T.V. shows.

I've been told that my music sounds like Jonathan Coulton, Weezer, Jack Johnson, & Barenaked Ladies. I just like writing catchy songs that usually feature alternate-tuned acoustic guitar, vocal harmonies, synthesizers, and slide guitar solos.

Lots of my music is available for free, depending on how technical you are. You can get all of it for free if you really try. Please, download as much as you like, but I encourage you to check out the official Sci-Fi Songs CD, or the high quality MP3's available through:

John Anealio - Sci-Fi Songs

A man has to pay the bills.

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